It all started when...

For Laura, It's always been about color. When she paints, she plays with color, creating just the right amount of contrast and harmony. Her artwork brings greater depth and warmth to the spaces it inhabits--evoking memories of cherished times and places.


Laura’s passion for color has driven her to create since she was a small child. In college she developed her skills through art classes, even as she worked toward her degree in sociocultural anthropology. Later, as a young, sleep-deprived mother, she carved away a section of her dining room for a studio. Art supplies were as much of a staple as groceries. Over the years, her creative interest focused more and more on painting. “Painting connects me with color in a way no other medium does. All it takes is a few strokes to change the mood of an entire piece. I just love the spontaneity of the process!”


Laura has been selling her paintings since 2006. She loves knowing that her paintings are bringing life and color to homes throughout the country. In addition to being an artist, she is a mother to three energetic children--a job that demands creativity of a different kind. And she is wife to a very supportive husband.  They love living in the Washington D.C. area.