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Thomas Hayes Studio is pleased to present…

Horizons, a series of new paintings by Virginia-based artist Laura Gunn.

Gunn, a self-taught painter, has spent her career pursuing innovative approaches to watercolor, acrylic, and textile design. Her constant experimentation is guided by the pursuit of an elusive natural beauty. Echoing tones, tensions, and movement of the natural world, her abstract watercolors evoke landscapes that are at once familiar, yet foreign. Her paintings evoke the calmness we often seek from nature, but also elicit a spirit of adventure and a search for something just barely out of reach.

In Horizons Gunn contrasts the elemental movements of sky and water with the stability of earth. As Gunn states, “There is something about a horizon--something so reassuring, even empowering. Perhaps it is that seemingly contradictory combination of stillness and motion, constancy and the anticipation of change. In this collection I explore that contradiction. Swirling colors meet a steady horizon. An unpredictable landscape meets a calming sky. As I create, I find myself reaching for that sense of reassurance and empowerment.”

Horizons will be displayed alongside a limited edition furniture collaboration between Gunn and Thomas Hayes. Longtime friends, the furniture designer and painter have produced a series of sleek modern furniture accented with vivid textiles.

Laura Gunn (b. San Francisco, 1975) currently lives and works in Virginia. She received her BA in Sociocultural Anthropology from Brigham Young University. Her work can be viewed at

Laura Gunn - Horizons

Opening: March 7, 6-9pm

Thomas Hayes Studio

51 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013