Would you like me to paint something custom for your home or business? I would love to collaborate with you! Here's how it works:


Step 1: Choose your canvas size. Scroll down for sizes and a price list. (These prices include the $200 nonrefundable commission fee and shipping.) If you want a size not listed just let me know. 


Step 2: Check out my shop. Choose examples of my work that inspire you from my shop. I can paint something similar to an existing piece or I can change the colors to fit your space. For skyscapes and florals, I can even work from your photograph.


Step 3: Let's talk! We can discuss your piece via email, over the phone, or (if you live in the D.C. Metro area) in person. 


Step 4: Show me your colors. If you want the colors to be custom to your space show me something to work from--I can work from photographs, textiles, paint chips, pottery, pillows, whatever! 


Step 5: Reserve your spot. I require a $200 nonrefundable fee before I start painting. And it may take up to five weeks to finish your artwork. 


Step 6: Make sure you LOVE it. Once I've completed your piece I will send you a digital image for your approval. (If you live in the D.C. Metro area and would like to give your approval in person I can bring it to your home for a $50 fee.) If you would like me to change something, I will make one attempt to accommodate you (as long as I feel I can maintain the integrity of the artwork). If, after that, you are not absolutely in love with your artwork, you are not required to purchase it. 


Step 7: Enjoy your custom artwork! Once you have payed the remaining balance for your piece it will be shipped or delivered to you.


Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!


Prices include a $200 nonrefundable commission fee and shipping. Local clients, please email me for price without shipping.                               

  • 60" X 72"   $5480
  • 48" X 60"   $3480
  • 48" X 48"   $2450
  • 36" X60"    $2085
  • 36" X 48"   $1865
  • 36" X 36"   $1565 
  • 30" X 40"   $1400 
  • 30" X 30"   $1130 
  • 24" X 36"   $1130